Míriam R. García, PI.

Miriam Rodriguez

I received my training in chemistry (MSc) and applied mathematics (Ph.D. 2008 in Bio2Eng) from the University of Vigo. After the PhD, I moved to Ireland to study the mathematics of systems biology for Parkinson’s Disease at the Hamilton Institute (Maynooth University, Ireland). After 5-years of postdoc, I came back to Bio2Eng and obtained a permanent position (2021) thanks to a new research line I started on modelling bacterial resistance to chemical stresses, like antimicrobials, of relevance for the food industry.

My main interest is to find mathematical models in microbiology with sufficient predictive capabilities (i.e. not too complex or simple) to be used as a tool in the food industry, together with proper optimization and control algorithms.

Email: miriamr at iim.csic.es

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Adrián Pedreira Bar. PhD Student

Adrián Pedreira

Biologist and MSc graduate in Biotechnology from the University of Vigo. Predoctoral fellow under the supervision of Míriam Rodríguez García and Xosé Antón Vázquez Álvarez. Funded by the Xunta de Galicia predoctoral fellowship. My thesis, “Bacterial inactivation dynamics and their relationship to antimicrobial resistance“, is focused on the development of mathematical models elaborated from our own experimental data, with the aim of trying to predict how and under what conditions bacteria become resistant and to determine those dosing strategies that can minimize this risk. 

#Hands-on work #Morbidostat #Flow cytometry #Bacterial culture #ShinyR

Email: apedreira at iim.csic.es

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Nerea Martínez López. PhD Student

Nerea Martínez López

Mathematician (2018 Santiago University) with MSc in Industrial Mathematics (2020, Interuniversity degree), with a master’s dissertation developed at IIM-CSIC on non-linear structural observability and identifiability, with particular emphasis on biological systems. Then, I have been working at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Santiago de Compostela, studying structural identifiability over first-principles and reduced-order lithium-ion battery models. Finally, since May 2021, I have been developing my P.h.D thesis at IIM-CSIC on multiscale modelling of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials.

My area of expertise is mathematical modelling, and my main interest is to bring the capabilities of this technique to extract quantifiable information about physical/biological phenomena, increasing thus our understanding of the mechanisms involved in real-life engineering/industry processes. 

Email: nmartinez at iim.csic.es

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Ari Salvador Moreno Razo. PhD Student

juan carlos ovalle


Physicist (University of Colima, in Mexico 2017-2021) with MSc in Industrial Mathematics (Interuniversity degree, 2021-2023). I am currently part of the bioprocess engineering group of the IIM-CSIC in Vigo, where I work on developing new models, optimization, and implementation of numerical methods in multidisciplinary research projects.

Email: arimoreno at iim.csic.es



  • Modelling of pharmacokinetics in fish: T. Yen Le Biology and Aquatic Ecology, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
  • Industrial processing of produce during washing and sanitation: Mabel Gil Head of the research group on Microbiology and Quality of Fruits and Vegetables (CEBAS-CSIC)
  • Observers of distributed process systems: Fernando López-CaamalIxbalank Torres Universidad de Guanajuato